Founder of Gam Tong Hong Kong Recipe Restaurant and Fishmarket Restaurant,
In the past, Alan Voo was certified by the China Hotel Association as
"Chinese Culinary Master"
Member of the French Le Cordon Bleu Gastronomy Association,
Chinese celebrity chef Starlight reached 7-star award,
The World Cantonese Cuisine (China) Association of Chefs, "Chef Earl Medal".
Gam Tong Hong Kong Recipe restaurant in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, can be said to be a well-known food brand founder Alan Voo is the leading soul. Since its establishment in 2006, by constantly innovating and catching up with food trends, Hong Kong-style food and beverage culture has rapidly developed Entering the life of Kota Kinabalu people, regardless of cost, collects good ingredients from all over the world,just to let gourmets taste high-quality delicious dishes. Gam Tong will soon enter Indoneisa and rush overseas! Success is no fluke, step by step from a zero-experience kitchen boy, to develop a personal catering map. From 2006 till now,Gam Tong has 4 branches in Kota Kinabalu! It is a ten-year-old brand with quality assurance!


To cultivate Hong Kong food culture. Bring happiness to customers by provide delicious food, and treat them humanely. Serve authentic food to tease customers taste buds and interact with them sincerely while listening to their comments with the hope of satisfying them. Assist well-performed employees in joining our enterprise, and fulfil their dream of setting up their own business.

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Roasted Chicken

Gam Tong Lao Shang

Gam Tong Suckling Pig

Gam Tong City Mall

Gam Tong (Hong Kong Recipe)

Singapore, a cosmopolitan city that brings together the cuisines of various countries. In 1993, a young man, Alan Voo, with full ambition, began his first step to chase his dreams by followed Master Yan (Hong Kong famous roasting master) to Hong Kong

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